Happy-teens-1All too often we spend our days wishing, regretting and “if only-ing” when it comes to how we communicate (or don’t communicate) with our children.

  • We wish we could just get inside their minds to gain some insight into what they’re thinking.
  • We regret we got frustrated and when we said things we didn’t truly mean, in the midst of a misunderstanding.
  • We spend hours replaying in our heads and our hearts the countless times we’ve wanted to reach out to them, but felt the effort would be futile, since the walls of isolation have already been solidly constructed.

“If only I could let them know that I really do love them and that I only want what’s best for them,” we hear ourselves saying over and over and over again.

 Can You Relate?

  •  Has your child’s “distance” shattered your heart because you feel as if they’re unreachable?
  • Are your days filled with fighting and with words that cut so deep?
  • Are you exhausted and unsure what to do next because you feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun to get your kids to open up and to behave the way you want them to?

If you’re sitting there nodding your head and saying, “Oh my gosh! How does she know? This is such my life right now!” then it’s absolutely no accident you’ve found me! You’re reading these very words today because you’re truly ready to begin mending the relationships in your life.

Soon other people will be wanting what you’ve got: an open and honest line of communication and respect with your children, where you’re the one they turn to for advice, rather than anyone (or anything) else. And who doesn’t want that?

 Are You Ready for Change?

open-doorI invite you to reopen the door of infinite possibilities. Just by reaching for the handle, you are saying “Yes” to a whole new way of living.

You’re making room for powerful and positive communication to take place between you and your children (as well as everyone else in your circle). And the cool thing is that no one will even have to know! The people around you will begin to respond differently to you based solely on your ability to hear what they’re striving to express and by the way you empower them (and yourself) in the process. It’s a total win-win for everyone!

Together we will grow, learn and even play our way to healing generations, both past and future, all the while creating a happier today. Let’s have no regrets! Let’s do what it takes to create the family, and the memories, that you’ve always wanted!

Wouldn’t you love to experience:


  • Respectful relationships?
  • Kids who are happy to share their day with you once they get home from school?
  • Peaceful, even entertaining, family outings?
  • Dinner around your own kitchen table?
  • Quality one-on-one time with each person in your family?
  • More life, less strife?
  • Being the only counselor your kids need?

Then let’s do it!  IT’S TIME!!


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